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1)  What paternity testing services do you offer?

We specialize exclusively in genetic testing for Legal Purposes only.  Legal Purpose paternity testing involves strict court-approved “Chain of Evidence” procedures and is conducted by our certified specimen collectors.   The official test results of these certified genetic exams are accepted by all U.S. courts and government agencies.  Personal Use only testing can be easily preformed by yourself using a home testing kit (local pharmacies, etc.); however, the test results report can take several weeks and is for your use only and not accepted for any legal purposes.   Since it is sometimes difficult to predict a future need to produce your test results, we strongly recommend a Legal Purpose test initially to avoid potential additional costs later. 

2) How much does a standard Paternity test cost?

Accurate DNA Testing, LLC has offered lowest-cost Legal Purposes paternity testing fees since our inception in 2003 and regularly offers promotional discounts at our DNA test locations.  A standard paternity tests involves specimens from a mother, child, and potential father (Trio) or child and potential father (Duo).  Other specialty tests are also available (e.g. Maternity, 'Grandparentage', 'Siblingship', Pre-Natal Paternity, Family Reconstruction, etc.).  Please contact us at 888-DNA-0080 for more information and current pricing quotes.

3) How accurate are the tests?

Our independent laboratory, DNA Diagnostics Center the nation’s largest, ensures that all specimens tested will either INCLUDE the man as the father with 99.99+% accuracy or EXCLUDE him with a 0% probability.  Although not typically required for conclusive results, we strongly encourage testing the mother’s specimens as well to achieve the very highest accuracy results.  

4)  How long do results take?

For Legal Paternity tests, results are generally available in 2 business days – provided the full testing fee has been paid.  Results are not made available until the full fee is satisfied.

5) What is involved in the test?   Is blood drawn?

A simple cotton swab of the cheek is typically used to collect saliva specimens.   It is quick and painless.  Blood draws are now extremely uncommon due to the technology advancements over the past decades.
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FAQ about Legal Paternity Testing & More

6) Is the mother required to participate?

Although not required for conclusive results, we strongly encourage testing the mother’s specimens as well to achieve the very highest accuracy results.   

7) What if the potential father is not available (deceased, etc.)?

It may be possible to use specimens from his closet relatives (father, mother, brothers, or sisters) instead to obtain conclusive paternity results.   Please consult with our case managers for more details.  Post-mortem specimens preserved by medical examiners may also be used for paternity testing.   

8) Where are we located?

Accurate DNA Testing, LLC corporate offices are located in Southfield, Michigan with satellite offices in Detroit, Livonia, Novi, Troy, Bloomfield Hills (Pontiac), and Flint.  We also serve our clients nationwide via the country’s largest network of affiliates with DNA Diagnostics Center.

9) What are your hours or do I need an appointment?

Accurate DNA Testing, LLC operates by confirmed private appointments only.  We do not use walk-in clinics to best protect our clients’ privacy, etc. Call us to schedule and confirm (advance deducted deposit required) your private appointment.  We can usually schedule your appointment with minimum 24 hour advance notification or same-day in some cases.  Weekend or evening confirmed appointments can also be accommodated in our corporate office at no additional cost.  In-home or In-hospital appointments are also available at a nominal additional fee. 

10)  Can you come to my hospital room?

Yes, for a nominal additional fee, clients can also have appointments in the hospital with the authorization of your medical professionals.  

11)  Can I have a Paternity test before my baby is born? 

Yes, pre-natal paternity testing is available using one of the two standard invasive fetus specimen collection procedures performed by your OB/GYN or medical professional.  Once this specimen is collected, we are then able to forward the specimens along with the cheek swab specimen of the potential father to our laboratory for analysis.  However, we recommend you consult first with your medical professional on the associated risks with these invasive procedures.  Accurate DNA Testing, LLC is uniquely able to also offer a new NON-invasive fetus prenatal testing procedure for accurately determining paternity using only blood draws from the expectant mother and potential father.  Consult with our case managers for more details.   

12)  What are your payment plans?

A nominal advance deposit is required to confirm all appointments.  The balance is then due at the time of service (at your appointment).  Alternatively, we can offer a 50/50 plan whereby half of the testing fee must be paid by your appointment time and the balance paid prior to receiving any test results. We accept cash, money orders and all major bank or credit cards.   

13)  What do I need to bring to the test?

For Legal Purpose tests, all adults over the age of 18 must have a government issued photo ID, such as a Drivers License, State ID, Military ID, Passport, etc. Parents or legal guardians should bring birth certificates, if available, for any minors to be tested.

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