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Standard (Trio) Paternity Test – Legally Certified:

One Child, one Mother, and one Potential Father… standard fee $460.00 (Call 888-DNA-0080 & ask for our current Special Web Site Discounting)

Standard (Duo) Paternity Test – Legally Certified:

One Child and one Potential Father… standard $460.00 (Call 888-DNA-0080 & ask for our current Special Web Site Discounting)

  • Additional child or potential father tested at same time…optional fee
  • Specimens collected by salvia from the cheeks (buccal/mouth swab)
  • Legally-certified test specimens are collected by certified collectors in private appointments
  • Our services retained by non-refundable $100 advance deposit (deducted from total on appointment)
  • Results typically available in 2 business days 

Specialty Genetic Services Available in All our Locations Nationwide via our affiliate network

The DNA Paternity/Maternity Test for Immigration… call 888-DNA-0080 for lowest discounted quote available

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and our embassies worldwide are requiring evermore primary supporting documentation (e.g. birth certificates, etc.) in familial immigration cases; even secondary supporting documentation (census, school records, etc.) are receiving a higher scrutiny.  The result…the length of time required for successfully completing an immigration application is rapidly increasing along with uncertain outcomes.

Genetic DNA testing is now playing a larger role in the U.S. immigration process for those citizens and permanent residents petitioning to bring their spouses, parents, children or siblings here.  Many immigration petitioners have now found that by voluntarily initiating genetic DNA testing for their overseas relatives, they are not only able to reduce the time requirement for the overall process but also improve successful outcomes.

The DNA Test for Siblings… call 888-DNA-0080 for lowest discounted quote available

In the DNA sibling test, two children are tested to determine whether they share the same biological parent or parents.  Full siblings are individuals who have the same biological mother and the same biological father.  Half siblings share only one parent. 
Since siblings have the same parent(s), they have matching genes much more often than do two unrelated individuals. When matches between two potential siblings are found, calculations are made to determine the probability that a sibling relationship exists.

The DNA Paternity Test for Related Potential Fathers… call 888-DNA-0080 for lowest discounted quote available

When two potential fathers are closely related (e.g. brother, half brother, father/son, cousins, uncle/nephew), their genetic structure can be similar and thus might share the same DNA markers used in testing.  Both could then test positive for the child’s biological father.  

Our DNA testing is powerful enough to determine paternity even if the potential fathers are related, but you must notify our case managers of this possibility in advance.  If all potential fathers are unavailable for testing, then extended analysis can be optionally utilized.

The DNA Test for Family Reconstruction… call 888-DNA-0080 for lowest discounted quote available

In cases where the potential father is deceased or missing, a DNA reconstruction test may be performed.  Such DNA testing is possible because the genes of the deceased or missing potential father are present in his known biological family members (i.e., his parents, his siblings, his known children).  Our DNA Test for Family Reconstruction is the most extensive and accurate DNA test available. 

The DNA Post-Mortem Viability Test… call 888-DNA-0080 for lowest discounted quote available

It is possible to perform DNA testing on deceased individuals using their stored samples from a medical examiner’s office.  However, a post-mortem viability test is required in advance to determine if the deceased’s sample is sufficiently viable for comparative analysis to proceed.  A fee is assessed depending upon the sample type.

The DNA Test for Grandparentage… call 888-DNA-0080 for lowest discounted quote available

In cases where the alleged father is deceased or unknown, the paternal grandparents can be tested to determine the likelihood they are the child's true paternal grandparents.  The DNA Test for Grandparentage is the most extensive and accurate DNA grandparentage test available anywhere with guaranteed results, provided with strict confidentiality.  Our results are accepted in Courts throughout the country.

The Pre-natal DNA Test for Paternity… call 888-DNA-0080 for lowest discounted quote available

Paternity can be determined before birth through prenatal testing during either the second (2nd) or third (3rd) trimester of pregnancy.  Specimen samples are collected from the fetus by a medical professional (OB-GYN) and standard mouth swabs (buccal) are used for the mother and potential father.
Our fees quoted do not include medical service fees (OB-GYN, hospital, clinic, etc.).  Clients are encouraged to consult with their medical professional before considering prenatal paternity testing as the invasive procedure is not recommended in most cases.  For clients without access to an OB-GYN, a referral service is optionally available. 

NEW! The Non-Invasive Pre-natal Test for Paternity...call 888-DNA-0080 for lowest discounted quote available

Now expectant mothers can participate in conclusive paternity testing prior to the birth of their child without undergoing the standard fetal-invasive procedures above via a simple blood draw from herself and the potential father.  It is recommended to wait until 9 weeks gestational age before attempting to do this test.

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